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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crisostomo's Resort World

Family from the US visited and well we had to eat out of course... We wanted to go to Aristocrat but it was too far from where we were and traffic in our country is well... you know how it is.. so we decided just to look for a spot to eat nearer to where we are and looking thru we found a good spot at Resort's World Manila...

Food was good and within reasonable cost ^_^ we didn't pay for it though, but we did enjoy the food and the name of the food were derived from the characters of Noli and El Fili I think... we enjoyed looking thru the menu and smiling at the ingenuity of the owners... There is also a Crisostomo's at UP Town Mall if I'm not mistaken and we might have a visit there too, very soon...

We had a sampling of their chicken, crispy pata, sinigang na baboy, inihaw na pusit, relyenong bangus and pakbet... It was all good, and we all had our fill.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BonChon's Chapchae

Well, I had this craving for some chapchae... Wanted to cook but heck, its takes a while and its a bit on the expensive side just to eat one bowl..


So we decided to hop on to Bonchon and get a bowl of chapchae...

of course, it didn't disappoint. It's one of the best one's I tasted, apart from my own cooking hahaha..

Yea, so if you're craving for some Korean noodles.. then a good spot to get 'em is at Bonchon's. I think they follow the same recipe, so you can visit any Bonchon and generally get the same thing each time.

It's about 85 per order... not cheap but not too expensive either.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Eton Centris

I was really hankering to go out this afternoon, with the heat and the hot heads, I really wanted a reprieve from all the drama, so to speak... I called my niece and my hubby and off to Eton we go... We went to Eton with the hopes of going to Cha Time for a whip of my all time favorite Taro Milk Tea, in all honestly but the place was packed and there weren't any seats and with the free wi-fi there, we weren't expecting anybody to be going off soon... so we decided to look for another place..coffee sounded good, looking around, we wanted to actually go the usual coffee place, Starbucks, but unfortunately there's no such store within Eton Centris, so we settled at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I'm not such a fan of the place so I really didn't know what to get... but ended up ordering the caramel ice blended thingy they were offering... As coffee isn't ideal for me this time with my GERD acting up and all, so yea...

I don't smoke but my niece does and my hubby pinch hits from time to time, so we sat at the outside seats to allow them to smoke and I ordered, the crew were nice enough and I was pleasantly surprised with the concoction I ordered, it was good and I was really satisfied... I think perhaps my only complaint is that the order was large but the size was for medium if you get my drift, unlike at Starbucks, a Venti sized order will garner you a big glass which you can barely finish because it's big and if you're planning on staying for a bit, the Venti will do just right, but Coffee Bean's serving isn't as big and they only have 2 choices, regular and large and so it seems like it would be the tall and grande sizes equivalent from Starbucks.

I had to nurse the drink so that I don't run out until the time we wanted to go home or spend more for another order, something I didn't want to do.

Anyways, it was good and I'm quite satisfied with this visit to Coffee Bean this time...Pics are still on my phone, so I'll just upload later when I get to transfer my phone's contents to my pc


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jollibee Creamy Shakes

Since I saw the commercial of the Jollibee creamy shakes, I've been craving to get a taste of this delicious looking summer treat...

My hubby and I have been planning on going to the nearest Jollibee store but circumstances prevented us from going..well that is until yesterday when we did get the chance to try it...

Well, honestly it's such a big disappointment.. I was expecting a burst of flavor especially with the advertisement saying that it was made with Hershey's flavors..well the shake I had tasted like melted vanilla ice cream. I could barely taste the flavor, if there was any... We got the strawberry flavored shake and I can really just barely taste it. If I'm right then the 'strawberry' was only the swirl (if that's what its called) on top...We were thinking that we should have just ordered the sundae...

Yes, I do have to admit that it was refreshing, it was cold and sweet, so it offered sweet relief for the summer heat but I expected a lot more, a lot, lot more in terms of flavor... I mean I ordered strawberry,  I expected to taste strawberry and not vanilla or milk, if you get my drift...

I'm not sure if it was because the store we went to was newly opened with new crew that they didn't get the flavor right, but I was really looking forward to a strawberry flavored shake and what I got was melted vanilla ice cream...

Well, for 39 pesos, barely even a dollar, what would I expect right?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Kangaroo Jack - SM Fairview

Yesterday, we brought our daughter to her classmates house for a sleep over con overnight swimming party, and since her classmate's house was near SM Fairview and it was getting late, my hubby and I decided to just eat there... We wanted something different from our usual eating out places and my hubby was craving for some steak, we decided to look out for a steak shop, we save a couple but when we saw Kangaroo Jack, we decided to eat there since we already know they serve good food as we've already been to Kangaroo Jack's at SM North...

My hubby got the sirloin steak medium rare and I got the beef morcon (my favorite) and yes indeed it was a delicious treat for us.  I have to admit  that the cook here at SM Fairview seems to be better than the cook at SM North, since the morcon here is far more tender than the morcon I had at SM North. So I loved the morcon here even better than the morcon from SM North and my hubby couldn't stop giving praises to his sirloin steak, and to think that it was a bit overdone for him, since he wanted a medium rare, but didn't get it since his food was served on a sizzling plate, I think it got cooked all the way, but he still loved it anyways

When my hubby and I eat out, we would usually shell out almost 1k for a good meal like the one we had last night at Kangaroo Jack's SM Fairview, but it was a delight to realize that we barely made the 500-peso mark and we both had our cravings satisfied.

Sorry, no pics for this one (LOL) we were too hungry to think about pics, when the food arrived, a short prayer and we delved right in, when I remembered that we should have taken pics, I was already halfway through with my dinner...

Next time, promise, I will remember to take pictures ^_^

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cha Time - Eton Centris

Cha Time at Eton Centris opens at around 10am, so it was a challenge when we arrived early to buy my daughter's shoes at Center of Gravity (CoG) - a skate shop also located at Eton.  My daughter, like me, is also a milk tea enthusiast and since the CoG opens at 11, we decided to have some tea at Cha Time.

My daughter had her usual milk tea with pearl and I had taro milk tea, yum! yum! yum! I love Cha Time's taro coz you can actually taste and eat chunks of taro in your milk tea. It is such a refreshing treat if you haven't tried it yet, then perhaps you'd like a try, more so for taro lovers, I'm sure you would love the taro chunks, makes you feel like you're eating taro and not just drinking a "flavored" tea...

Cha Time is more on the expensive side when it comes to milk tea's reaching into the hundred peso mark unlike other milk tea places that's around the 75 peso mark only but it is indeed well worth it..

The store has other branches, there's one in most SM malls, North, Manila for one, I also discovered one in Trinoma aside from the one at Eton Centris.  You might want to venture a visit one of these days when you're craving for a delicious milk tea treat

Friday, March 21, 2014

Taco Bell - Trinoma

We went looking for a graduation dress for my eldest when we felt the pangs of hunger calling, we went around Trinoma to look for a good restaurant to eat but we didn't want to eat where we normally go... (Jollibee, McDonalds, Chowking and the likes) so we ended up at Taco Bell...

We ordered the large burrito, it was lunch anyways and a single serve of soda (I went for Mug - I admit it, I'm partial to rootbeer, while my daughter and hubby went for Pepsi). It was indeed a delicious treat. Their hot sauce was just right for me and the beef burrito was exactly what it should be.. 

The restaurant was clean and there weren't many people in, although it was kinda a late lunch, so might be, why the place isn't jam packed. We sat in the high chair/counter type seats, which didn't bode too well for me, I'm not a tall lady so I had a hard time coming up and down those high chairs, but my daughter (who's taller than me) found the novelty great, so there is where we sat. There were regular type seats/chairs, those regular type of tables/chairs you will usually encounter when you enter fastfood chains. 

As for the price, I think it was reasonably priced for an American brand, a bit more expensive that what we normally pay for lunch (going to Jollibee for example would garner a little less than a hundred bucks for a chicken meal with drinks) but it was well worth it and its a welcome change from our normal lunch outs. 

Next time you're looking to eat some good ol' burrito, then Taco Bell in Trinoma would surely satisfy your cravings...