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Friday, March 21, 2014

Taco Bell - Trinoma

We went looking for a graduation dress for my eldest when we felt the pangs of hunger calling, we went around Trinoma to look for a good restaurant to eat but we didn't want to eat where we normally go... (Jollibee, McDonalds, Chowking and the likes) so we ended up at Taco Bell...

We ordered the large burrito, it was lunch anyways and a single serve of soda (I went for Mug - I admit it, I'm partial to rootbeer, while my daughter and hubby went for Pepsi). It was indeed a delicious treat. Their hot sauce was just right for me and the beef burrito was exactly what it should be.. 

The restaurant was clean and there weren't many people in, although it was kinda a late lunch, so might be, why the place isn't jam packed. We sat in the high chair/counter type seats, which didn't bode too well for me, I'm not a tall lady so I had a hard time coming up and down those high chairs, but my daughter (who's taller than me) found the novelty great, so there is where we sat. There were regular type seats/chairs, those regular type of tables/chairs you will usually encounter when you enter fastfood chains. 

As for the price, I think it was reasonably priced for an American brand, a bit more expensive that what we normally pay for lunch (going to Jollibee for example would garner a little less than a hundred bucks for a chicken meal with drinks) but it was well worth it and its a welcome change from our normal lunch outs. 

Next time you're looking to eat some good ol' burrito, then Taco Bell in Trinoma would surely satisfy your cravings... 


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