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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Banapple Katipunan

Finally, we had a chance to eat at Banapple.

We went to my friend in Makati yesterday and having only ate a sandwich for breakfast, I was quite hungry come noon time and we were still traveling the metro manila traffic, but fortunately it was a slow day for Banapple and when we passed them at Katipunan Ave, we saw that there were only a few cars parked in front, and we said, "wow! this is our chance!"

Everytime we try to drop by at this "restaurant" it was always full and I don't like waiting (sorry :)) so we generally don't stop but perhaps because it was a Monday and it was still early, the place isn't really packed.

We were surprised to find a good selection. They had chicken, pork and beef, an assortment of desserts and drinks and surprisingly, it wasn't very expensive. We pegged the orders to be at least over 200 pesos each but it wasn't, a little under it actually :P  We ordered the chicken breast parmigiano and baby back ribs (both are quite yummy) I ordered the house blend tea and well my hubby just always goes for a soda :) We also got a choco-nut cheesecake, which I absolutely adore, it's not too sweet and the choconut delivered just the right amount of sweetness to it...

As I said we were pleasantly surprised, the food was delicious and the portions were quite hefty. I mean, you will get your fill of the food for sure, we'd like to call it "american servings" coz they have a large serving and for the price you're paying for it and the taste, well, in Filipino term "SULIT!"

I would love to come back to Banapple to try all the other scrumptious looking delights I saw on the menu, but I do hope that they will be able to expand the place to accommodate more people :P I think that's the only downside, the place is a bit small for the lot of people wanting to try them out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let's Talk Food

If you know me, then you know I love to eat.

So let me share with you my food adventures.  I will post here everytime we eat out, I will tell you if it's good to eat at certain places and I will let you know if the food is worth is or if the service is worth it.
overall I am to let people know about food places that you can visit for some good old fun and good food as well..

I also hope to wake up some of your senses with tantalizing pictures of food, places and more...

I hope you can join me in my adventures, of going to places and enjoying the world that is always just at our fingertips