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Monday, April 21, 2014

Cha Time - Eton Centris

Cha Time at Eton Centris opens at around 10am, so it was a challenge when we arrived early to buy my daughter's shoes at Center of Gravity (CoG) - a skate shop also located at Eton.  My daughter, like me, is also a milk tea enthusiast and since the CoG opens at 11, we decided to have some tea at Cha Time.

My daughter had her usual milk tea with pearl and I had taro milk tea, yum! yum! yum! I love Cha Time's taro coz you can actually taste and eat chunks of taro in your milk tea. It is such a refreshing treat if you haven't tried it yet, then perhaps you'd like a try, more so for taro lovers, I'm sure you would love the taro chunks, makes you feel like you're eating taro and not just drinking a "flavored" tea...

Cha Time is more on the expensive side when it comes to milk tea's reaching into the hundred peso mark unlike other milk tea places that's around the 75 peso mark only but it is indeed well worth it..

The store has other branches, there's one in most SM malls, North, Manila for one, I also discovered one in Trinoma aside from the one at Eton Centris.  You might want to venture a visit one of these days when you're craving for a delicious milk tea treat