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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - Eton Centris

I was really hankering to go out this afternoon, with the heat and the hot heads, I really wanted a reprieve from all the drama, so to speak... I called my niece and my hubby and off to Eton we go... We went to Eton with the hopes of going to Cha Time for a whip of my all time favorite Taro Milk Tea, in all honestly but the place was packed and there weren't any seats and with the free wi-fi there, we weren't expecting anybody to be going off soon... so we decided to look for another place..coffee sounded good, looking around, we wanted to actually go the usual coffee place, Starbucks, but unfortunately there's no such store within Eton Centris, so we settled at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, I'm not such a fan of the place so I really didn't know what to get... but ended up ordering the caramel ice blended thingy they were offering... As coffee isn't ideal for me this time with my GERD acting up and all, so yea...

I don't smoke but my niece does and my hubby pinch hits from time to time, so we sat at the outside seats to allow them to smoke and I ordered, the crew were nice enough and I was pleasantly surprised with the concoction I ordered, it was good and I was really satisfied... I think perhaps my only complaint is that the order was large but the size was for medium if you get my drift, unlike at Starbucks, a Venti sized order will garner you a big glass which you can barely finish because it's big and if you're planning on staying for a bit, the Venti will do just right, but Coffee Bean's serving isn't as big and they only have 2 choices, regular and large and so it seems like it would be the tall and grande sizes equivalent from Starbucks.

I had to nurse the drink so that I don't run out until the time we wanted to go home or spend more for another order, something I didn't want to do.

Anyways, it was good and I'm quite satisfied with this visit to Coffee Bean this time...Pics are still on my phone, so I'll just upload later when I get to transfer my phone's contents to my pc


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