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Friday, May 2, 2014

Kangaroo Jack - SM Fairview

Yesterday, we brought our daughter to her classmates house for a sleep over con overnight swimming party, and since her classmate's house was near SM Fairview and it was getting late, my hubby and I decided to just eat there... We wanted something different from our usual eating out places and my hubby was craving for some steak, we decided to look out for a steak shop, we save a couple but when we saw Kangaroo Jack, we decided to eat there since we already know they serve good food as we've already been to Kangaroo Jack's at SM North...

My hubby got the sirloin steak medium rare and I got the beef morcon (my favorite) and yes indeed it was a delicious treat for us.  I have to admit  that the cook here at SM Fairview seems to be better than the cook at SM North, since the morcon here is far more tender than the morcon I had at SM North. So I loved the morcon here even better than the morcon from SM North and my hubby couldn't stop giving praises to his sirloin steak, and to think that it was a bit overdone for him, since he wanted a medium rare, but didn't get it since his food was served on a sizzling plate, I think it got cooked all the way, but he still loved it anyways

When my hubby and I eat out, we would usually shell out almost 1k for a good meal like the one we had last night at Kangaroo Jack's SM Fairview, but it was a delight to realize that we barely made the 500-peso mark and we both had our cravings satisfied.

Sorry, no pics for this one (LOL) we were too hungry to think about pics, when the food arrived, a short prayer and we delved right in, when I remembered that we should have taken pics, I was already halfway through with my dinner...

Next time, promise, I will remember to take pictures ^_^

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